Continuous Delivery





Chapter 1


Feedback and "Critial CI"

Chapter 2

Version Control

"Everything in version control"



Chapter 3

Without CI, your application is broken until you prove otherwise. With CI, the default state of your application is working, albeit with a level of confidence that depnds upon the extent of your automated test coverge

The "short build" section is much less than we currently have

Development workspace

Bells and Whistles

Cultural Shifts

Distributed Teams

it is essential that development teams can easily self-service new environments, configurations, builds, and deployments in an automated fashion (pg 76)

Distributed VCS

The pace of development tends to be faster on GitHub {{cn}}

Chapter 4

We generally class comprehensive as greater than 80% code coverage.

Done badly, [acceptance tests] can inflict a significant cosst on your delivery team (pg 87)

In our ideal project, testers collaborate with developers and users to write automated tests from the start of the project (pg 83)